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Welcome to my music site. Since many years I play guitar and write songs. I played in many projects. This is my solo project.

This project is the last with my guitar pop songs. Since 2010 I am working at this project and now with corona I had the time to realise is. I did the recordings and mixing myself. All songs are writen by myself.

A few years ago I had an idea to write a book - I guess it will never be written. But I found out, that the story was happening parallel to the songs and the lyrics of the songs I was working on. It´s about the bad situation in our future on planet earth, when the number of robots will have been increased. It all started with vacuum cleaner or those friendly robots to talking to older people in Japan, they where usefully. But than the industry started building more and more and so many people lost their jobs in insurences or bancs and industrial productions, too. Mining companies hired people for their bases on Mars or asteroids.

So the story starts - listen to the song "next stop mars". Once in the outerspace colonies, the workers were forced to do bad jobs and soon there were riots. Robots armys put down the riots. Unions were set up. Rebels were thrown to prison. Others fled to other planets- listen to the song "sandstorm", or returned after a long struggle back to planet earth- listen to the song "lightyears away from home".

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next stop mars

Thanks to Stephanie Gauster for taking part in the video and flying to mars.

Robots are taking overplanet earth! Riots everywhere. But the governments all over out down the riots with the help of robocops. Many people decide to go space and find work and a new future. Rumors are circulating of new opportunities in space to find work on mines on mars and asteroids. a long journey lies ahead. Soon it will be revealed what really awaits them abroad.

city life

And here is the new video to my song next song. Thanks to Johann for his great moves.

This face has fallen sad and lonely in years

the days must have changed and travellng with fears

this foreign places all covered in red

please tell me now the color of your cat

next stop mars

next stop mars elise huwendiek

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